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This was my fault. I was in the heat of combat and too busy defending my home, temple, and emerald. That man just kept coming back with stronger weapons. At first nothing but a few machines with pointy sticks. No big deal with those as I smashed them easily. Then he sends the same ones but with guns and shields. Those didn't last long ether. But they kept getting stronger and bigger until that time I changed the planet Mobius. It was my fault and I won't deny it.

That round man kept returning with his weapons to try and take the Master Emerald. I refused to let it go for years of him trying maybe three or four times a month all the way up to possibly once or twice a week. I didn't mind it as it did help me strengthen myself. My mind became as sharp as my icicle arm. And as skillful in battle as a Xialoin Monk. My form is my weapon as I can freeze my limbs into different shapes to help myself in battle.

I am a God. But I did prove I'm not perfect as one but some say my mistake was a gift while others have shunned me as their god only to drift away from me but that doesn't mean I don't watch over them still.

Everyone who knows of me calls me by the name Chaos. Those who know me personally call me Icy. I'm called that due to my powers. But my powers are what gave the Mobians on my world the power to change. To shape shift like myself but they can't freeze their forms as well as I can but they can keep their normal form before this change happened. But it isn't quite the same as everyone is still watery like myself.

Oh I didn't say how it happened did I? Well the battle against the man caused myself to strike with all the power I had before taking in the Emeralds to stop him and I sort of broke the Master Emerald in a way that caused my own physical power and the power of the Emerald to cause a shockwave to change all Mobians in the world while in the process it sent that man into space which was a good thing as he didn't get these powers. Oops?

Well ether way. I've changed everyone. But it did help change things around. My island is above the world now where I can watch over things and be the one who can protect those in need.

Protect from who? Well that fat man returned. He chased Mobians from across the planet closer towards my side by building and taking over land. Zones all being destroyed while the newly changed Mobians move closer towards me. Now the planet is split down the middle and now into two true zones with smaller zones still inside. The Chaos Zone is what I have now I rule. I'm a god, a king, and a protector. Then we have the Egg Zone who is that round man's.

This all happened years ago but I did gain allies through proving that I can be a protector. A few Chaos Mobians, which they are now called that, join me to protect the Chaos Zone against those machines.

Sonic is the first. He's always got a good attitude but is also a big show off. His signature is how he can use his liquid changing abilities combined with his speed to become a large buzz saw by changing his size. I fought him before when I used to work for the man and I learned of his power. It makes me happy that we're now allies on the same team.

Tails is the next to talk about. He's a genius who enjoys to work on mechanics but also has a fascination with implants similar to what I receive from ingesting the Chaos Emeralds but doing it in more of a way to improve ones power without needing the Emeralds in the first place. He also was one who helped the reconstruction of my temple after that big fight with the fat man.

Knuckles now. He's…He's fine. He is an Echidna who was supposed to watch over my Emerald years ago. But an injury cut things short which had me in charge to watch it myself. My accident caused him to regain his strength after losing his right arm from a machine. He reformed it and is now learning again how to glide like he once could. I watch over him from my temple as he does his practice each day.

Team Chaotix. A triple dose of amusing at times but still very reliable to help aid in keeping an eye over the Chaos Zone at all times. Espio keeps an eye on the black market to make sure that fat man doesn't purchase something shady; Charmy keeps an eye on the boarder for invaders and Vector watches shady purchases from his waterproof computer room.

Shadow the Hedgehog. He is the only one I deem worthy from proving his worth for me to grant a little extra power and training. He's coming well in doing so as he's quite high in the Chaos Military. I've taught him how to use several Emeralds within him similar to what I'm known to do. He's almost in my own image now after all this time. I allow him to use up to two Emeralds in battle at one time. And he does have a taste for learning more as I have let him experience Perfect form once already, away from any cities after all. And he has a thirst to learn more. Seeing that Chaos Hedgehog grow with each battle brings me great joy as a god.

Silver. What has happened to him? He's gone off the grid for right now. We see things here and there about him but it seems he's gone underground. Not even Sonic has heard much from him.

Blaze too has gone as well. She joins a fight only when it's in the desert, which is where we see Silver at times too. They might be hiding there for all that I know. But I don't bother to look at this time as when we need help they come through. Blaze is able to use her fire abilities within her to boil and melt machines with almost a single punch or kick. Not too bad looking ether.

Cream is a sweet girl. Always happy as can be when ever I see her. She works in my temple as a caretaker for all the Chao inside while Cream seems to enjoy being there as well.

Who am I missing? Oh yeah that's right. Amy. She's after Sonic in every way possible. But she can pack a punch. She used to use a giant hammer but now she can change her arms into one large hammer to cause a great amount of damage. I only see her when she tags along with Sonic though. Even though I have a feeling that he prays to me that she would go away sometimes.

That's the special Chaos Mobians that I can think of right now. Everyone I'm honored to work with and they seem honored to work with me as well from what it seems.

Oh I forgot something didn't I? The cities have changed. Pavement hasn't been put down anymore to help conserve what nature we have left but buildings are being built. It's a combination between the two to live in harmony. They have moved in under my island though but I don't mind to look down every once in a while and help anyone I can with just a simple leap.

How do they get around easily? Well that's simple. With being able to become liquid like myself they designed various pipe ways under the surface to preserve the plant life. Smaller pipes act more like freeways that you may know of while large walk in pipes are more for those who want to walk in a safer and more leisurely way.

That's how things are going now. This is the world I protect. I will keep an eye on every Chaos Mobian from my zone and I promise that I won't screw up like this again. This problem was my fault after all but I refuse to let things get worse which is why I make sure things get better for them with my protection.
Just something for Tumblr. I play a variety of characters but this is my newest. A link to his blog is [link] if anyone wants to follow.

I can't draw worth crap but I do enjoy to RP.

Characters by Sega
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